Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Magical Day

It was a magical day today. Not quite in the sense of a trip to Disney, but in this cancer adventure, it falls pretty close!

I started the morning at the oncologists office having my overnight pump disconnected. This completed my LAST ROUND of chemotherapy!! And in honor of the occasion, I got to RING THE BELL.

They have a bell in the office that patients get to ring when they finish chemo. I have sat and looked at the bell and the little poem that accompanies it every time I went in for treatment, looking forward to when it would be my turn.

I only had the priviledge to hear one other person ring the bell before, but it was a very exciting thing to me.

And when it was my turn, I couldn't believe how many people came running and those that didn't were quick to congratulate me as I left the office. It was a very big deal. And a great beginning to the day.

This afternoon, more magic began. SNOW in southern Texas!! It came down all afternoon. Beautiful, fluffy, soft, white snow. The temperature was such that it had no where to stick, but it was glorious watching it fall. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. M3 has been saying for months now that it would snow for Christmas. It definitely felt a lot more like Christmas today!

M3 and M4 playing in the snow. M4 is looking at the flakes on his arm.

And tonight, I got to go to our Ladies' Christmas Party/Gift Exchange. It is one of those exchanges where you take a number, take your turn and either draw a present from the pile under the tree or take (redistribute is the politically correct term, I am told) a gift that has already been opened, if you want to. It was a great evening of fellowship and lots of laughter. I know I laughed a lot (the best laugh coming from envisioning Angela unknowingly "drinking" a birthday candle up a straw with her tomato soup). And I left thinking, as the snow continued to fall, that if all the chemo hadn't healed me yet, the laughter of the evening certainly must have.


Michelle May said...

I'm so glad your chemo is over, Molly! I've seen pictures of little ones ringing the bell, and there is always a huge smile coming from their sweet faces. I can only imagine the relief. Thank you for blogging your journey. You allow us to share your burdens, your pains, your joys, and God's miracles.
Love, Michelle (Springfield) May

Lisa Hill said...

I think you should get a bell to keep in your home to remind you of the joy of today! And you can always ring it again when you need a little bit of cheer and hope on certain days. Hey, I recognize the location of the kids' photo. Playing in the snow at piano lessons, now that's something new!

Steve said...


Congratulations! The last chemo is fantastic. I hope you rang that bell off the wall. Another "event" completed. The snow must have felt great and cleansing in many ways. I hope the joy that you felt continues indefinitely.

Steve in Md.

PS: This week starts my last chemo so I'll need to find a bell on Friday.

Aspiemom said...

Congrats on getting to ring your bell!

I'm glad you had such a good time at the ladies Christmas exchange. It sounded like a lot of fun.