Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life Happens

I used to wonder what happened to people whose blogs I followed diligently, and then they seemed to d i s a p p e a r.

There would be no post for weeks, and I would start to give up on them.

Now that life has returned to semi-normal, I feel like I am disappearing from the ranks of the blog-o-sphere as well. And I am learning what happens to those people, its called life.

I still think profound thoughts at times, but I am driving carpool or sitting by the pool or watching my daughter's swim meet, or occasionally swimming myself. I have made mental notes (scary!), and hopefully, I can share more of them with you in the days to come.

Summer is in full swing around here. And so is living. Gone are the days when I take THAT for granted.

I am sharing life with my family and I hope you are enjoying yours!


Elaine said...

Molly glad you are living and enjoying God's grace. We just finished with Bill's prostate cancer surgery and fu appt. It's a waiting game,and your blog has inspired me. Thank you for writing it. Funny, my blog has been down for awhile, due to all this, but set the priorities of living and family time. Happy summer and blessings to all.
Elaine Divita Knies

Devin said...

Good to hear that you are well, and enjoying the summer with your family--the time goes so quickly!