Friday, December 4, 2009

Sedative from Heaven

The long dreaded day arrived for me to have my first of four weekly preventative Rituxan treatments. All the kids were up early (for us) and around 7 a.m. it began to snow like crazy at our house. It was the most beautiful snow I have ever seen in Houston. Tons of it.

As most southern Texans do any time a flake of snow falls from the sky, we all went giddy. We went outside just to see what it was like. We couldn’t stop watching it fall. We took video. We took pictures.

Unfortunately, M1 and I had to leave our observation post and head out on the road to get him to school and then me on to chemo. I think we were both sulking all the way, thinking we were going to miss the whole thing being stuck inside all day at our respective locations.

But many amazing things happened that day.

It stopped snowing at our house for a while – so we didn’t miss anything there.

It hadn’t even STARTED snowing at my chemo location. And when it did, there was an entire wall of windows for me to watch it fall from. Later, my friend Marie and I had a fabulous Potbelly’s lunch while we watched the snow together.

M1 was dismissed early from school. By the time he got home there was more than enough snow to go around. He even got to play in the snow AT school during study hall.

When I got home, the kids had built me a snow person (not sure of the gender . . .) and everything around our house was blanketed in white.

We were able to spend the rest of the afternoon in the snow, then inside thawing out, then out in the snow, then inside for hot chocolate.

We even decked Missy out in her amazingly fashionable coat.

The only bust of the day was our attempt at “sledding” on Rubbermaid container lids.

God knew what I needed today. I needed something to calm and distract me. And he sent me a sedative in the form of snow.

It was the best “snow day” ever!

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Robbie said...

LOVE the pink polka dots!!!!