Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Michael!

I love the images that Carly Marie has taken of names in the sand in honor of children who families have loved and lost. And I have always wanted to honor Michael by writing his name in the sand some place special.

This year, on his birthday, M1 and I happened to be on the Northern Coast of Spain. While it was amazingly beautiful, it was hard to be away from Don and the other M's on a day we have spent together for the previous four years.

Our group's schedule allowed me to get away and write his name on the beach in San Sebastian. Unfortunately, the weather was turning ugly, and there was no hope of a sunset. But it made me happy to see his name in the sand, and I hope it made him happy, too!


Anonymous said...

Writing names on the sand is like writing them on the heart. I do love do it too.

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of writing someone's name in the sand. Its so interesting because it will be lost because of the tide, which is inevitable, but you will always know it was there. I felt like sharing this.

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Elin Katarina said...

I love writing in the sand! everything is so much more dramatic/romantic/sad when you do. I love watching the tide carry the name out to sea. I looks like the name will be in the sea forever!

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