Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Thank you, Mom, for being the best mother I could ever have hoped for!

Not only did you raise me to into young adulthood, but you continue to love and care for me. I am so glad you only live a few minutes away!

And this year, there were some definite firsts: you drove me to every single one of my chemotherapy appointments and you helped me shave the stubble off my head as the chemo took its toll.

Thank you for being there with me, for making me comfortable, and loving me like only a mother can.

I love you!

Thank you, Geraldine, for being my "other" mother - my mother-in-law.

Thank you for bringing Don into this world and raising him to be the man who became my husband.

This year, when you couldn't be here to help, you prayed and rallyed many others to pray for me. A tangible, and comforting, act of love.

I love you!

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