Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How can you say no to this face?

We have been talking for over a year about getting M3 a dog. She has done a lot of research and looked at several different breeds. But the timing (for many obvious reasons) had never been right.

So this weekend, we found out about a friend of a friend who was keeping a sweet Jack Russell/Chihuahua puppy looking for a home. When we saw "Sammy's" picture, we fell in love with him.

But in discussing him with Don, we decided he was not the right puppy for M3. It broke both of our hearts to have to tell her that we needed to keep looking and say "no" to Sammy.

I cried with her when I sent the email to my friend and her friend who had been looking for a home for Sammy. I am grateful that these two precious ladies were praying for us as we made our decision.

M3 seemed to be at peace when I assured her, that in respecting her Daddy's direction, in the end, the puppy she got would bring her so much more happiness (overshadowing the sadness she now felt).

And I am grateful for my husband who has to do the difficult thing sometimes and tell us "no". In the long run, I know it is the right decision.

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Robbie down under said...

Don, YOU ARE MEAN!!!!...says Robbie.