Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Because there is still humor to be found in life in spite of cancer, I have decided to participate in MckMama's "Not Me!" Monday. (If you haven't checked out her blog yet from my sidebar, take a look here.)

Since this is my first time, it includes several weeks of "Not Me's".

I hope you guys enjoy seeing the real me . . .


I did NOT have the following conversation with one of my precious M's (who will remain anonymous to protect the guilty)while being driven around town by a friend:

M?: Mom, can I roll down my window? (In the car, travelling 50 MPH)

Me: No

M?: Well, then, what am I supposed to do with my booger?


We do NOT own a golden retriever, who, when NOT taken to the vet to be dipped was NOT harboring over 300 ticks from unknown origin (and we do NOT know that the exact number THEY picked off was 332 because every tech and receptionist and vet in the office did NOT reiterate the number to me and my husband.)


I did NOT have to tell my sweet angel friends Kimberly, Kimberly and Lisa that it was OK to throw away yogurt with an expiration date of 04/08 when they cleaned out my refrigerator last week. And I MOST EMPHATICALLY DID NOT ask if bagged carrots had an expiration date.


My four children and I could NOT possibly have accumulated an entire 30 gal kitchen trash bag full of trash in my van in the last three weeks. (I did clean it out only three weeks ago, after all!) We've hardly BEEN in the van and where could all that have come from anyway?!

M4 definitely did NOT watch Veggietale's "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" 15 times over a three day period.

I certainly did NOT almost blow a gasket in the Sonic Drive-Thru when M4 insisted on having a small Sprite after ordering him a large. And I MOST CERTAINLY did NOT sheepishly ask for a small cup to go with my large Sprite when I got to the window to pick up said drink.

Have a great Monday!


Aspiemom said...

Oh, that booger one is just a riot! Such a typical kid comment! lol

I enjoyed your Not Me's and want to come back soon to catch up on your story. It looks very interesting.

p.s. We have a Golden, too. Instead of tics, he has a ginormous wart on his tail!

Megan said...

Look forward to checking in on your blog!

Khadra said...

a van can fill up VERY quickly with garbage when you have four kids. I know this from experience!!

Keyona said...

Sometimes it's easier to find a way to please them and avoid the argument! :o)

Junita said...

Oh my - LOL - at least he asked where else he should put the booger!

MamaJ said...

Oh my goodness! The booger one, hilarious! Been there!!

kay said...

Great Not Mes! The booger thing cracked me up. I love kids. (:

Prissy said...

Molly, you are such a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing. Guess the best thing about being a grandma is that I can relate to all you moms and the things that you are going through - I'm going through them again, but now they are even funnier! God is good!

Ashley Griffin said...

great posts! came over through MCK's. I can tell I will be here for a while reading...
BTW, the booger thing... genious :)