Monday, February 2, 2009

G-Hog Day

Welcome to one of your more obscure American holidays!

I'm not sure how we as a family started celebrating it exactly. It must have had something to do with my former days as a mother of small children who was always looking for something fun to do to fill our endless days together.

One January, I stumbled upon the Groundhog Day cupcake idea. And it has stuck. My children have come to expect it. Even M1, who is now 13, did not want to miss out on the decorating fun while he was out at a Super Bowl party last night. (We saved some for him!)

I wish I could give credit to wherever we got the idea from, but here they are, in all their cuteness:

All you need is some cupcakes (I use chocolate - for the dirt :) ), some white icing (for the snow), sprinkles (we used flower sprinkles this year), Nutter Butter cookies (for the groundhog) and decorative icing (to make the eyes and nose of each groundhog) and you've got yourself some groundhog cupcakes!

It feels really normal to have made them. I can't even tell you how wonderful that is!

And, tonight, Don and I will most likely watch Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, our other Groundhog Day tradition.

By the way, the groundhog saw his shadow today - six more weeks of winter.

Where we live, most of the winter has felt like spring anyway, so that won't be all that bad!


Khadra said...

those are so cute! what a great idea. Im going to steal it to do with my kids next year!

jennifer said...

Those cupcakes are so cute!! My son was born on Ground Hog's day. I will have to remember that idea next year!