Friday, January 30, 2009


I am DONE!

We had a celebration at the Proton Center today. It is sort of traditional that you bring food on your last day. And, thanks to much help from my mom, we brought trays of food to celebrate with the staff and other patients. Don, my parents and all the Ms were there to be a part of the festivities, too.

Laying on the table for the last time was EXTREMELY difficult. It is really important that I hold still so the protons hit the right spot, but I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!

I think I was more excited today than when I graduated from high school or college!

And then there was the GONG:

So, for now, I am done. I haven't figured out if I am a "survivor" yet or if I am in remission or what I call myself exactly.

It will be months before we know, for sure, that all the chemo and radiation did its job. (Although I believe it has.) I will have a PET scan on March 3 and another one some time at the end of April. Those scans will give us definitive proof that the cancer is gone. And then I still have my "maintenance" doses of Rituxin in June and December (once a week for four weeks) for the next two years.

Keep checking in on me. I will keep you posted on my recovery and other things, big and small.


Prissy Pearlene said...

WooHoo is so right! I had not read this post when I saw you this morning, but I knew it was all finished and you were back wearing that incredible smile! Just WOW, through all you’ve been through you look even more beautiful. I am going to pray that you will soon feel as good as you look. Please know that you will be in my continued prayers as God continues to hold your hand. I kept thinking, as we all sang this morning, what an awesome VICTORY for Jesus to use you in the way He has to let so many see your courage, strength, and love for Him. How you’ve kept your heart and eyes on Him and trusted Him completely. I thank you again for sharing God’s care of you through this time of trial. I love you, Prissy

Hailey said...

YAYY!! Congratulations! I just did a happy dance for you. Still praying in NC.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! He has been so faithful to you -- bringing just the right people into your life that you needed each and every day. Blessings to you as you get your strength back and begin to feel better and better.

Love, Nan

Devin said...

Oh, man. This is so wonderful, and so, so very exciting. I have been honored to have been able to pray for you...and I'm certainly not going to stop now!

Way to go, girl...and Praise the Lord!!!

Khadra said...

Congratulations!!!! This made me all teary!! Keep us updated please!

Pam Sinclair said...

I'm praying every day that you and your family will enjoy a very special new year, filled with renewal, strength, continued faith, joy, love, good health, and lots of FUN!

jennifer said...

Congratulations. I love watching the celebration in the video. The love and happiness was wonderful.

Be blessed.