Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

In cooperation with 4 Men and Girly Twins, here is the random picture challenge!

I went to my June picture folder and the 21st picture(supposed to do May, but it had the entire girls'softball team on it and I didn't want to have to get permission . . .)

What a great memory! M3 and I went on a Mother/Daughter overnighter - just the two of us. I surprised her one Friday afternoon when all the boys were "out" and told her she got to pick what we did for the rest of the day and tomorrow, too!

It was a little overwhelming for her at first. She's not used to getting to make many, if any, decisions without sibling interference assistance.

We went to dinner (her choice of places) and to a movie (her choice). Then we checked in at the hotel, where they knew we were having a special Mother/Daughter sleepover. At the registration desk they gave her a kid's bag and (best of all!) a bag of fish food for the koi that live in the atrium pond.

The next morning we went down for brunch. I sat and ate while M3 spent her breakfast time feeding/naming/talking to/drawing the fish.

Ahh, life before cancer . . .


4 Little Men and Twins said...

what a peaceful picture and special memory!

thanks for playing along!


Devin said...


I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog. I love when lurkers come out of the closet, and I get to meet new friends!

I am just in awe as I read your blog--and so sorry for both what you have gone through with the loss of your precious baby, and also for the battle you are fighting now. I would be honored to pray for you--may I add you to the list of my sidebar as links of families I am praying for?

Thanks for the recommendation on the Nintendo game! Colin, I am sure, would LOVE that...he got a VMotion for Christmas, and he loves it! I am sure a step up would be good for him sometime in the near future! :) (I wouldn't tell him the DS would be for BOTH of us...)

I will definitely be back to check on you. Glad you enjoy our blog, and let me know what you think about my adding yours.

Have a wonderful night,