Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Imaginary Friends

Actually, I have lots of REAL friends. And family.

But they can't all come with me to the hospital or chemo or proton therapy treatments.

I do have jewelry that I LOVE that has been given to me by my friends and family. The sisterhood ring (from James Avery) my "Sweetarts" gave me just after I started chemo. My funky mother's bracelet that has all the M's names on it. My wedding ring (from my wonderful husband, of course!). Earrings from my parents and brother and sister-in-law. Rings from my parents-in-law. The "trust in the Lord" cross charm (also James Avery) and "faith" bracelet from my friend Danza. A precious "faith" charm from Teresa.

It is a daily ritual of sorts to select my jewelry for the day. And when I wear the jewelry a certain person (or people) have given me, I imagine they are with me. And in spirit and in prayer, I know they really are.


Khadra said...

wow, that is very sweet :)

Teresa Moon said...

We are. I am the same way with jewelry. Especially when I am seeing which cross I will wear as a necklace or earrings or on a bracelet. I do understand. I can't even imagine having to go to MD Anderson every day for this therapy. Between the drive and traffic, it would take some time out of one's day. But, it is part of the treatment plan now. We are all here for you.

Michelle May said...

I love that!!! What a wonderful idea:) I'm praying hard for you! xoxo, Michelle (Springfield) May

Steve said...

Hi Molly,

I was just thinking about you and your Dust Bunny adventure. I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Keep up the fight, the attitude, and the energy.

Steve in MD