Monday, January 12, 2009

To My Second Born

Today is your eleventh birthday, my second born son.

When you were born, I thought I was the perfect parent, that I had it all figured out. How you challenge that every day!

You live every minute and emotion of life to the fullest. There is nothing half-way about you.

When you are happy, everyone around you is too. What an ability you have to make others smile and laugh. "Life of the Party" is a term made for you! Just tonight, as we celebrated your birthday around the table, you had us all laughing as you and your brother bantered back and forth regarding the story of "Squeaky the Rat".

When you are angry, everyone knows it. They can hear it, see it, and (sometimes) feel it. There is nothing subtle about it. No brooding. It is out there for anyone to see.

Your love is deep and strong. Despite the fact that I make you do math, practice piano, do chores, and all those other things you would rather put aside for something "fun" I know without a doubt that you love me and the rest of our family deeply. I can feel it when you take my arm and put it around your shoulder when we are at church. It is there when you insist on me coming to your room to say goodnight. And I love to see your love for your siblings when you play together or you are concerned when one of them is hurt.

I know you love Jesus. I believe He has had your heart for some time, but you made your public profession of faith to Him this year.

No one can argue like you. You don't let me get away with anything. You hold me accountable for everything! And becuase of it, you make me (hopefully) a better mother.

Happy Birthday!



Devin said...

Aww! That was sweet...and sounds amazingly like my own first born.

Happy Birthday to your big guy!

Khadra said...

very sweet! Happy belated birthday to him.

(monday was my birthday as well :) )