Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm still here

My apologies to those of you who check up on me regularly.

I am still here, and doing GREAT! Cancer-free is a good place to be.

What has surprised me, though, is that, despite the fact I am "well" I am more tired now than ever.

In the mornings, I drag myself out of bed just in time to get the kids going. At night, I often pass out in one of the kids' beds saying goodnight. A child who has yet to be "good-nighted" will come wake me up, and I will move to their bed to sleep. Sometimes I make it to my bed, sometimes I don't.

Being well is exhausting!

Both my regular oncologist and radiation oncologist have assured me that it will take a good six months (from the end of radiation) to get my stamina back.

SOOO, by August (wow that's a long way away . . .) I should be feeling back to my normal self. That means a lot of things just have to go undone. And lately, that has meant my blog and emails, too.

Usually, for me, spring means projects, big projects. Last year, I (with help from my parents, Don, and the kids) built a fort in the backyard for the kids. (Have I ever mentioned my love of power tools . . .?) But this year, the projects will be small. I bought supplies for my "project" yesterday. And I think, with some help from the M's, we can get it done this week. (I will post pictures when we are done!)

And our 200 square foot garden needs some major tending. God has seen fit to give us some "time" to take care of that in a few weeks. They will be doing testing at the kids' school and none of mine fit the grade/class qualifications, so we have four days off with no homework! I just hope my 30 min to 1 hour of energy a day is enough to tackle that job.

In the meantime, I am enjoying doing the mundane. Yes, I was cleaning my bathroom yesterday, and I was thinking to myself what a blessing it was that I was able to do that. Can you believe it?!?

Cancer has definitely given me a new appreciation for many things, like doing housework, eating (and being able to taste what you put in your mouth), and having hair.

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