Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First Haircut

I called my friend Linda this morning and was able to swing by her house to clean up my untamed (and untouched by scissors) mane (It is all of 1 1/4 inches long now, you know!).

I was thinking ahead to Easter pictures, and how nice it would be to look properly groomed for posterity.

In an effort to save you all from straining your eyes to actually see a difference, I have refrained from posting pictures (Linda says all she trimmed was a little fuzz). But while it may not be that obvious, it feels great to me!


Devin said...

I BET it does!

Thanks for the smile today. Glad for this big step for you! :-)

Steve said...


The first haircut is very cool indeed. I had mine a few weeks ago and it truly was a joyous occasion. I think I let mine get a bit more unruly than what you descibe yours to have been. However, I wasn't worried about Easter pictures!! Anyway, continue to enjoy your recovery. Its great to be a ssurvivor.

~ Steve

Teresa Moon said...

Your sister in law says the fuzz looks great on you. You are making it work for you. We had the pleasure of eating lunch last Saturday in Frisco.