Monday, September 8, 2008

Beautiful September

Fall is my favorite season. I will look for any excuse to be outside when the weather turns cool, even for only a few days at a time. Normally, that would mean a project of some kind (hopefully involving power tools!)but my health is such right now that I can't even enjoy my usual walks around the lake with our dog, Feller. So, instead, we are making the backyard a paradise for birds and being rewarded greatly for it!

At the first hint of cool mornings I always put out the hummingbird feeders. Here in Texas we only get to enjoy them for a few weeks in the spring and fall and I don't want to miss a day of it.

Our seed feeders attract an odd assortment of native and TROPICAL birds. We have the usual sparrows, doves, grackles, cardinals and chickadees. And then comes the SQUAWKING.

We have a "colony" of monk parakeets that live in the trees on the street just behind us. They really love fruit and sunflower seeds. They will dig through the entire feeder of seed, dumping it on the ground, looking for the sunflower seeds.

It seems that the monk parakeets have taken in some stray Budgie parakeets (the little pet kind), too. So, we have some wild, pet birds?

We spend hours on the porch in the morning, listening, watching, laughing at the birds. M2 and M3 are both studying birds in Science, and what better way to learn than by observation and experience!

Here are some pictures of our friends (that's M2 sitting with the hummingbirds):

Sorry they are not in better focus. I guess I should have used one of Don's cameras!

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Enid in AR said...

Molly, I really enjoyed your backyard bird posting. I was sitting on my front porch today marveling at God's creation as the hummingbird came and fed from the feeder less than 3 feet away. We had a post on the SPO site and found birdwatching runs in our family. So does prayer and you are being prayed for daily.
love, your cousin, Enid in AR