Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's bigger, it's bad, and you need a biopsy

That about sums it up, folks.

It wasn't a surprise to hear those words from my doctor's office today.

We came home with a copy of the old and new CT scans. Dr. Don (he really is a PhD) and Dr. Molly (I can only really claim being a nurse) "read" the scans ourselves "in the comfort of our own home". And if it was obvious to us that it was bigger, it must have been bigger.

Don was actually upset at me for my "golf ball" comparison. He says it looks more like a tennis ball. I think he is probably right.

The doctor's office is sending in the order for a biopsy. But with Hurricane Ike on its way, it will be next week before we get in.

The strange thing is that, all-in-all, I feel better. I can't really explain it. Because I was feeling better, I was fairly confident that the mass would be smaller or gone. But I can't say that I am completely surprised that it is still there.

Thank you guys for praying for me. I am totally at peace.

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