Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Last Supper

We used to go out to dinner to celebrate each of our birthdays every year. But once M4 came along, that meant six nice dinners over the course of every twelve months. It became difficult to fit into our budget and our schedule. So we devised a plan to go out to one really nice dinner once a year and celebrate all our birthdays together.

Since I am having surgery tomorrow and starting chemo the next day, we decided to make tonight the night. Who knows when I will feel like eating again?

We went to our favorite restaurant, Taste of Texas. Here's our "birthday picture":

It had been a long day of tests and doctor's appointments and pre-op (with a respite lunch with my dear friend, Robbie).

I was very happy to see my family when they walked into the restaurant this evening. Throughout the evening I felt myself becoming a little melancholy about the unknown of the months to come, the loss of "normal", and being separated from my children and husband more than we ever have been before. There are going to be hard times in the days to come. But I am determined to face it with good humor and optimism.

Thankfully, it was nothing a little creme brulee' couldn't overcome, at least for tonight.

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EuroMom said...

I like the idea of a once a year really nice birthday dinner. James had really been wanting to go to Taste of Texas. Maybe we will do that when we return from vacation.