Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Far, So Good

I am home this evening with my newly installed port-a-cath.

It was a relatively short (30 minute) procedure, under general anesthesia. It took longer to prep me before and for me to wake up afterward than actually putting the thing in.

We had some fun while waiting in pre-op with my "newfangled" gown. It actually had a vent hole in it that you could hook up to this hairdryer-like machine on the wall. It would blow air into a reservoir in the gown and WARM you. This is what happened:

The pictures don't do it justice, but I was really PUMPED UP.

Before long, they took me back to the OR. The last thing I remember was getting my "happy juice" and trying to summarize how I had ended up there for the nurse (I should have just referred her to the blog!)

Once I had come around a little I had some great new Twila Paris music to listen to on my MP3 player thanks to Mary Ann.

Don worked out a ride for me with my friend and "family member" Marie so that he could take M2 to piano lessons.

Just another normal day in the life of our family!

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EuroMom said...

Hey Molly, thanks for blogging so we can keep up with how you are doing. I must say I love your sense of humor.

Continuing to pray that the Lord would hold you in His hand and continue to give you peace and joy.