Thursday, October 23, 2008

. . . going, gone!

I am an adventurer at heart. If I could, I would be exploring the Grand Canyon, sailing the ocean, skydiving. But I have my husband and four kids that God has graciously given me and they would like for me to be alive and at home.

So I get to have adventures in different ways. Exploring a tree trunk infested with termites with M2. Helping M4 climb a tree (that seems as big as a mountain to him). Playing laser tag all night long (and getting to be a vampire in one of the games - you never die!) with M1. Having a "sleep over" with my M3 at a local hotel. A photography trip with my husband.

This cancer journey in my life is sort of an adventure to me, too. The day I had my first CT scan and saw "the golf ball" I can remember the excited anticipation of an adventure ahead. I don't know why I wasn't afraid. I guess I knew from the beginning God was going to take care of me. I knew He was going to get me through "to the other side". That I would live.

So today, I had an excuse to shave my head. I've never had a good reason to do it before. Most people don't have a good reason to do it. Just like climbing a mountain. It is placed before you, and you go for it. It's an adventure.

Linda came to the house again. The kids watched what was left of my hair come off.

From what I understand, I should grow about 1/2 to 1 inch of hair over the course of two months once I stop chemo. That will be December or January. So, by the spring, I should be sporting a snazzy crew cut.


S. Harsh said...

You look beautiful! You attitude is a testimony to us all. We are praying for you, Don, and the kiddos.

Prissy said...

Cool! You and God are awesome! There’s nothing you can’t do when He is directing your path. Thank you for sharing your courage and your adventure! You and your family are in my prayers. Miss you, we hope to be back at Trinity soon, just a couple more weeks of travels. Blessings, Prissy

Darla said...

I, for one, think you look absolutely gorgeous. So chic! Praying for you always.

Lisa H. said...

Who knew you had such a perfect head up under that hair? Now you can show it off with your smart new style. No more bad hair days for you :-) Praying for all of you.

Steve said...

Hi Molly,

Welcome to the shaved-head-caner-chemo-bald-crowd. Its great to see that your wearing it proud! Keep up the great attitude. The road to the cure is an adventure which at times is hard, joyous, rewarding, humbling, a downer, and an upper. It also can be a reminder of the many blessings that surround you. It seems that you have kept that in mind and that your attitude is fantastic. Remember to take one event at a time so not to get overwhelmed. Keep up that great approach.

Steve in Md.

EuroMom said...

You look beautiful, Molly. What a great smile and what a great attitude. God is good....all the time!

Anonymous said...

WoW! Beautiful no matter what! A true fighter and survivor...always thinking of you no matter what.