Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doctor's Visit

Don and I went to see my oncologist on Monday.

We were updated on many of my tests of late and my labs all looked good. My heart on the echo looked good and the bone marrow biopsy was negative. No cancer is in my bone. So pretty good news, all around.

Even better news to me, and an answer to the prayers I requested, she predicted that my next "bad days" wouldn't be as bad as the first go 'round. She said my experience was "not normal" but probably due to the excessive toxins given off by the tumor. The bigger the tumor the greater the toxins. The smaller the tumor gets, the less toxins it will give off as it dies.

She explained the stuff given off is similar to what happens to your uterus when you are in labor, only this stuff invades all of your muscles, all over your body, constantly. And that was pretty much how I had described the pain, like being in labor, but all over my body.

So, I've enjoyed a few more good days, bought hats, shopped for wigs and prepared for round #2 on Thursday.

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