Friday, October 24, 2008

You Never Know

You never know how God is going to use something you do or say for someone's benefit in the future.

Eight years ago this summer, my friend Robbie had no way of knowing how important her introduction to a love of hats would be for me today. She gave me my first hat for my 31st birthday. In the years since, I have collected and worn many hats.

And on those hat-wearing occasions, the many people who have said, "You look great in a hat" couldn't have known how that would help me today.

On one of my "hat days" years ago, my husband told me, "You would be beautiful, even if you didn't have any hair." And, I think, that helps me most of all.

Can you see how I can smile, even with a bald head?

God prepared me, even for this.

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