Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Bad Day

It was our understanding that "a bad day" would come about a week after my chemo treatment.

God gave me the grace to get through a wonderful morning sharing with our Ladies' Bible Study group.

And then it came.

We are on the learning curve, here, figuring out how my body reacts to the drugs, etc. And we are hoping that there is some sort of two week pattern, at least for consistency's sake.

Thankfully, it is not unbearable. Unfortunately, it is about all I can bear. So, please pray for everyone in my household that has to learn to function without me. For the time being, we have live-in back up in the form of my soul sister/sister-in-law, Erin. And that is a TREMENDOUS help.

And I did get a reprieve in the evening (thanks to pain medication) to catch part of M2's baseball game. I must say he is looking like a major league catcher out there!

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pamsinclair said...

There will be better days ahead and know that you are loved by people who have never even met you - we are "prayer warriors" who are with you in spirit and you are in our hearts and prayers 24/7! And remember, "this too shall pass...."