Monday, October 6, 2008

I've Been Sculpted

I had my bones "sculpted" today in the form of a bone marrow biopsy/aspiration. I am told that this will help to "stage" the cancer. Basically, they are looking to see if it is in my bone anywhere.

Of everything I have done so far, this was something I dreaded the most. I am not sure why. Just that it was supposed to be painful. I tried to talk myself out of my fear as my friend Mary Ann drove me to the procedure this morning. I've had five kids without an epidural, surely this will be ok, right?

While I was preparing for it this morning, I was wishing I had given you guys a little more warning, so you could have been praying. But thank you to those of you who were praying anyway, because I felt the peace of your prayers all morning.

Dr. H and my nurse L were wonderful. The entire procedure was explained to me as it happened and the pain was amazingly minor.

Afterward, I walked over to my doctor's office where they drew blood and said everything is looking good. My white blood cell count hasn't gone down (thank you God and Neulasta). Only my platelets were a little low.

We can not thank you enough for all the cards, calls, emails and meals you have been blessed us with.

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