Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Loaves and Fishes

Besides prayer, one of the biggest, TANGIBLE blessings of this journey has been the meals so many loving hands have provided.

I was thinking about all of them today and God showed me something interesting.

About FOUR WEEKS ago, Don's co-worker, Julie brought us a great pot roast dinner. It had all the trimmings, salad, brownies, and even some treats for our dog! Well, everything disappeared pretty quickly because my family is all about meat and potatoes. But not the salad. It has been sitting, slowly eaten along with the other salads that have come along with other dinners and it has yet to go brown. (Now DON'T stop bringing salads, that is not the point of my story!)

And last week, my dear friend Kim brought us another fabulous roast beef dinner that we kept eating and eating and couldn't make go away! She did the greatest thing and came over Saturday and made the leftovers into this yummy beef, vegetable, noodle soup (those of you who know Kim know that it's got to be GOOD!) You would not believe the containers that we filled with this soup. It was all over my island counter.

That was just a day after I finished my chemo. And I really haven't had much of an appetite, especially when it means getting something out of the fridge to prepare.

But every time I need to eat something (for lunch or a snack), that FOUR WEEK old salad and NEVERENDING beef stew is just what I am after and it nourishes me to the core.

And today, God helped me see how if he can do it with loaves and fishes, He can do it with lettuce and noodles, too.

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Prissy said...

Sweet Molly, I continue to lift you up in prayer. I’ve been so uplifted by going to your blog. It’s been good to know exactly how to pray for you and your family. You probably don't realize how much you are ministering to me as you share your love for the Lord, your fears and the peace you are feeling by trusting Him completely. You are blessing. We will be home soon and I can tell you this in person.
Miss you. Blessings